Hey I’m Anna!

... and my mission is to help people GROW.

On almost all social media platforms I call myself GROWING Annanas, the name which at first didn‘t have a real reason. I just wanted to grow my muscles, I liked pineapples (Ananas is the german word for Pineapple) and my name is Anna - so why not call yourself growing annanas and start sharing your workouts, nutrition tips & recipes on Instagram etc!?

Over the years I worked on GROWING my muscles, GROWING my mind and GROWING as a person. In doing so GROWING became a really meaningful word to me.

The #1 tool that has helped me GROW (physically and mentally) has been the FITNESS Lifestyle. My journey started with small steps, I began working out multiple times per week and I started to change my nutrition to become a stronger and better version of myself. I've seen such a huge positive transformation - inside and outside - that I have to share it with the world!

Fitness has changed me for the better. It helped and still helps me GROW, in all areas of life.

Now it's your time, your time to grow ❤️

Anna x