Team, Nutrition is Key when it comes to achieving your health, body & Fitness Goals !

With this guide I want to help and support you! I want to encourage you to nourish and fuel your body, reach your fitness goals and feel amazing in your own Skin!

Not a diet, a lifestyle.


  • The Basics: What to eat, How much to eat, When to eat
  • Sample Meal Plan
  • Easy Recipes including Calories & Macros
  • Supplement + Vitamin recommendations
  • Professional advice for cravings and disordered eating (Binge eating, overeating, not eating enough)


  • Team Grow Chat: I answer all your questions!
  • Grow Girls Chat: specific chapter for girls and common problems like period loss

You will get:

  • EBOOK - PDF Guide in English

Immediately after your purchase, you will receive the download link that will allow you to easily download your GROW NUTRITION GUIDE in the form of a digital E-BOOK only (PDF).

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